The Start of The List

I never liked using the words “Resolutions” or “Goals” when describing things I want to get done for the year. Using these words makes me feel that there is no obligation to actually do them rather they’re just things that I’ll like to get done. Unsurprisingly, by the end of the year I don’t accomplish all of the things on my list.

So this year, I’m going to start calling the things on my 2015 To-Do list “Challenges”. I always love a good challenge. When there’s a difficult obstacle in my way I get a joy from training hard and pushing beyond my limits to accomplish them. I have compiled a list of stuff of 25 things I absolutely must complete by the end of this year.

2015 Challenges

  1. Compliment a different person every day ACCOMPLISHED(12/31/2015)
  2. Get my driver’s license ACCOMPLISHED(5/29/2015)
  3. Complete all 2015 moves for Parkour/Freerunning [Different list]
  4. Be lifeguard certified ACCOMPLISHED (8/7/2015)
  5. Run the Minneapolis Marathon ACCOMPLISHED(5/31/2015)
  6. Finish the A+ certification book
  7. Actively participate in a medallion hunt ACCOMPLISHED(6/25/2015)
  8. Hike Eagle Mountain ACCOMPLISHED(8/15/2015)
  9. Attend first Parkour jam
  10. Craft and shoot stone head arrows
  11. Release a Parkour video
  12. 12 Hours of Parkour in a day ACCOMPLISHED (9/4/2015)
  13. Win a TShirt at the US Marines pull up bar Challenge FAILED
  14. Start a fire with a firebow
  15. Star Wars all nighter ACCOMPLISHED(7/11/2015)
  16. Go to a shooting range
  17. Finish a Rugged Maniac  ACCOMPLISHED(9/12/2015)
  18. Make special gift for someone
  19. Meditate twice a week  ACCOMPLISHED( 12/31/2015)
  20. Earn Gold Medal in Presidents Challenge
  21. Pass all Parkour levels test
  22. Get a new job ACCOMPLISHED! (3/19/2015)
  23. Make a portfolio webpage (9/14/2015)
  24. Practice Martial Arts twice a week ACCOMPLISHED(12/30/2015)
  25. Do something Halloween related every day of ACCOMPLISHED(10/31/2015)

With an addition to my challenge list, I have created another list of stuff I would like to complete, but are not a priority.

I’m looking forward to crossing these things off my list.

If you are reading this, comment something that you feel you must absolutely accomplish by the end of this year. I would love to know what your challenges for this year are and what you’re planning on doing to complete them.

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