Awarded the Silver Medal

I had begun my President’s Challenge some time in December 2013. When I started out I had joined just as a fun little way to track my activities. I had no idea how hooked I would’ve become. I started to frequently track my physical activities and slowly started to earn points doing it. It felt great!

A little under 3 months I racked up enough points to obtain my bronze medal. It was a lot of work, but worth it in the end. I continued for a period of time, but had decided to stop. As summer hit I became a lot less focused on my points and more focused on other activities. After a few months into my hiatus I realized just how much my fitness activities were influenced by tracking. I would do hours of physical activities just to earn points.

Once I had stopped tracking points I had also stopped putting in as long hours. It got to the point where my every day exercise routine dwindled down to exercising every so often. So in 2015 I had made a goal that will motivate me to keep tracking. I had taken on the challenge to earn my gold medal before the end of the year. Since the new year I had been bumping up my exercise routine to extend to working out every day.

Now, over 286 hours, and over 90,000 points worth of exercise later I have obtained my silver medal. This feels like a huge milestone for me. I had worked hard to make sure I earned enough points and am now that much closer to crossing off an item on my Challenge List. I will continue to work towards that goal medal, and hope that my work will also pay off to earn a possible platinum.


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