Week 0 Marathon Training: The Hanson’s Method

Last Spring, I had attempted to run my first marathon. I started running back in highschool when I decided to make the change to become healthier. I spent years dedicating myself to running and saw vast improvement since I began. I became 40 pounds lighter and was now capable of running double digit miles.

I felt that the next best thing was to run a marathon. I signed up for a marathon last year and thoroughly researched the best way to run it. I took the time to train on my own regime for weeks and felt absolutely confident I’ll be able to finish the marathon. However, my marathon dream was not completed last year. The day I was going to run, a storm hit our area and the marathon was cancelled due to weather conditions. While I was bummed out I was not going to let it stop me from my goal. I signed up for the 2015 marathon immediately when it opened.

I felt this time I would take a more prepared approach. Doing my training I heard an old saying passed by marathoners: “Anyone can finish a marathon, the real challenge is actually running one”. Well, I wanted to take up the challenge and run the entire marathon. I then stumbled upon”The Hanson’s Method”, a widely praised marathon program.

The Hanson’s Method was developed by Luke Humphrey and the Hanson brothers. What separates this training program from others is the scientific approach they took in developing their plan. The plan is separated into 18 weeks and each day is crucial to training. I had tried viewing their Method through online sources, but there was so much information that I could not find.

I purchased a copy of the book and became instantly hooked. Over the next week I used everything I learned from the book to develop a training plan. I had learned the best way for me to truly understand the material is to explain it. So, over the course of my marathon training I am going to be posting a weekly blog talking about the Hanson’s Method, as well as my experience with it. There is a lot of information that goes into the Hanson’s Method so I will roughly be dividing my posts by the chapter. If you are interested in learning more about the Hanson’s Method I would recommend buying a copy and giving it a read.

My training regime begins next week. The method is going to start slow but will be picking up over time. I had never ran 6 days in a week but hope my high workout regime will be enough to withstand the endurance. Wish me luck, and hope the best for all other marathon runners out there!

Note: The Hanson’s Method has both a beginner and advance regime. Because I had never ran a marathon before I had chosen the beginner’s regime. I had mapped out the mileage I’ll need to run throughout the next 18 weeks, which I posted below. The Speed and Strength days listed do involve you running miles rather running several sets as your workout. I had estimated the total distance the plan has you run in miles each day and rounded it down to the nearest integer. The total distance run will not be the same as the actual distance, just a rough estimate.


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