Week 3 Marathon Training: Snow and Ice

Top: Miles To Run, Bottom: Miles Ran

Week 3 has finished off with a bit of difficulty and frustration. On Monday I had tested out a new jogging route so I wouldn’t get bored of my environment. I ended up getting lost by the half way point. It took me some time to find my way back, but I refused to stop jogging the entire time I retraced my steps. By the end of my run, I found I put an extra mile in my route.

The next few days were followed by a barrage of snow and hail storms. Each day I jogged through the ice-covered terrain while barely being able to see anything ahead. The days when the snow let up, I found myself greeted with a nice layer of slippery ice between the pavement and my shoe. I had to adjust my pace throughout my miles to avoid slipping, so my finishing times didn’t quite match my anticipated times.

While I prevailed through winter’s challenges most of the week, Saturday got the best of me. The temperature dropped significantly. Frost bite was likely within 10 minutes of exposure. Needless to say, I attempted to jog. The wind struck me ferociously and my face started to dry up quick. Within a minute of my jog I was unable to open up my left eye completely. I had to call it in and put a big fat “0” on my mileage log.

It was a disappointing week overall, but not a discouraging one. I am still determined to complete my Hanson’s training and will still take on this battle with winter. Week 4 is coming up and I am ready to tackle on the miles ahead. Until then, remember to remain dedicated and train hard.

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