Week 4 Marathon Training: Slippery Slope

Top: Miles to Run, Bottom: Miles Ran

Week 4 ended on a hard note. While week 3 was freezing, week 4 also showed no mercy. Temperatures had sharply declined to more freezing conditions compared to the past few weeks. Tuesday was the worst of it, with the windchill combined, temperature reached it’s all time low this year.

Due to these conditions, my week’s training had to be adjusted. On Tuesday, I put in cross-training. While The Hanson’s Method advises that each training day is spent on jogging, the Hansons are no stranger to cross training. They mention that if you are unable to jog doing your training, they prefer you at least do cross training to avoid losing any physiological gains. They discuss in later chapters how a runner should cross train. I will touch base with that in future entries

The rest of the days followed with more ice and cold. Two out of the five days ended up with me slipping on ice during my jog. Fortunately enough, my worst injury was just a scrapped ankle.

Saturday was another unfortunate day for training. I had a computer security competition going on the entire day. During the competition, we were locked in a room while our team’s LAN set-up was actively hacked. We started early in the morning and didn’t finish until late in the night. When I got home, the day had already ended. In the end though, it was not a total loss. We ended up doing extremely well in the competition, scoring second place overall.

Now that the competition has passed, a lot of free time has became available for me. It has been three weeks since I last summarized chapters from the Hanson’s Marathon Method. Next entry I will be posting my summary on Chapter 2 of the Hanson’s Marathon Method. Until then, remember to remain dedicated and train hard.


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