Week 5 Marathon Training: Gaining Speed (Hanson’s Method Chapter 2)

Top: Miles to Run. Bottom: Miles Ran

The weather is warming up, which means the biggest obstacle in my training will soon be gone. With that being said, last week was still not a warm one. It touched to the single digits each day, with Saturday being the worst.

Saturday is the first of my speed runs. While every day is an important day to run, speed runs are one of the Hanson Method’s components that are absolutely vital to do. The speed run is not physically difficult, but can be tiring nonetheless. Although, the combination of wind and dry weather made it a bit of a challenge to run.

I ran the first 2 miles with my left eye dried out and unable to open. I toughed it out and was able to gain the ability to run with both eyes open at the 2nd mile mark. However, at the 3rd mile my right eye started to sting and I was unable to open it during the remaining 3 miles. I pressed on and felt proud to finish up the speed run.

The 5th week was overall, satisfying. I’m starting to notice the fatigue my body is going through. As the 6th week approaches, I’ll be adding in a Tempo-run, which I imagine will start pushing my body more towards exhaustion. With one obstacle going away, another starts to make it’s way.


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