Week 7 Marathon Training: The Pain Begins

Top: Miles to Run, Bottom: Miles Ran

Week 7 was rough to complete. I had started to noticed knee pain on Sunday, but thought nothing of it. I did my Tempo run on Monday in hopes that it’ll eventually subside. By the end of the run, my knee was hurting like crazy. I gave it some rest, iced it, and did some stretching.

On Tuesday, I ran at a slightly slower pace than my easy pace day. The pain only got worse. I finished off slightly limping at the end of my run. It hurt to walk that day and decided to keep stretching, resting and icing. On Wednesday it became unbearable to run down the block. The book has talked about trying to fit in cross-training if you aren’t able to make your run. I decided to cross train train on Wednesday to avoid losing any physiological benefits gained so far.

By Thursday I still felt a bit sore but was able to run. I had to put in 10 miles that day so I was a bit concerned about my knee. The first few miles the pain felt sharp, but went away by mile 3. By mile 8 I reached an intersection and waited for the crosswalk light to go. I jogged in place and the pain came at me with a force. The pain became too much and I ended up jogging the rest of the two miles with a slight limp. By the time I reached the end of my jog, my leg collapsed from the pain. I was unable to walk without assistance and stairs were impossible.

I felt like I pushed myself too hard so I decided to take it easy the rest of the day. By Friday, running was not possible. I fit in more cross training to make-up for the lost mileage, but still feel guilt-ridden by not being able to complete my run.

Saturday was an important day I did not want to miss. Although injured, I tried to do my speed run. I was not able to even run half a mile without limping. I knew continuing the run would be a lot more harmful so I cut it short. I fit in more cross training and took it easy.

Fortunately enough, this week was also the week of a party. I had a friend who would be attending the party, who happens to be a massage therapist. I consulted him about my problems and he told me I was not stretching enough.

He had informed me that I should be stretching at least 3 times a day, 10-minutes each stretching session. For every hour of exercise I do, I need to add half an hour of stretching. It seemed a lot more excessive than what I’m use to, but I suppose that’s why I have the injury in the first place. I had increased my stretching regime and had my knee feel a lot better than these past few days had been. I plan on doing my easy days with a lighter pace to see how everything goes. I am hoping that by next week the injury would go away. Until then, remember to stay dedicated and train hard.

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