Week 8 Marathon Training: On Injured Legs

Top: Miles to Run, Bottom: Miles Ran

Week 8 ended painfully. I increased my stretching regime and took on a lighter running pace, but it did little for my leg. While I was able to complete my tempo run, it ended up being the only one of my runs I was able to finish. Each day I felt confident enough to complete my mileage. Halfway through my runs, my knee had a sharp pain that resulted in me calling it in prematurely.

Thursday was the worst out of the week. By mile 2, my knee jolted in pain. I ended up limping for all of mile 3 until the endorphin made the pain bearable. I kept running until mile 6, where I realize I was being an idiot for running despite the pain. On Friday, I felt a lot better so I attempted another light run. By the end of mile 1 I ended up jogging with a limp until my leg began to collapse on mile 2.

Last week, I was concerned about getting my mileage in, but I was even more concerned about actually running the marathon. I read into the Hanson’s Method again and recalled a chapter on “Program Modifications”. The book talks about modifying the Method in case of injury. It recommended that if injury is effecting my run, that I should deter for at least 3-4 days from marathon training. Afterwards, I should put in 2 easy running days then resume my training regime. If injury should call for 5-6 days of rest I should run 3-4 easy days then resume last week’s training regime. Afterwards, I should skip ahead to my current training regime.

So on Saturday I had decided to deter from training. I do not want to lose my physiological gains so I still included cross training and a lot of stretching. I will be trying to take 3-4 days of rest and attempt an easy day on Tuesday. If the injury is still problematic, I will follow the 5-6 day rest modification. I am hoping for the best so I can still train at my best. I’ll give an update on recovery in next week’s entry. Until then, remember to stay dedicated and train hard.

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