Week 10 Marathon Training: Back To Training

Top: Miles to Run Bottom: Miles Ran

With week 10 I found I had minimal pain in my knee. As mentioned in Week 9 of my marathon training blog, I am easing back into my regular training program. According to the Hanson’s Method, this would involve me taking 2-3 days of rest, running at a light mileage, then doing last week’s mileage before I resume the program as normal. Right now I am running Week 9’s mileage during week 10. Next week I’ll be jumping straight into week 11.

I had decided to adopt a slightly slower marathon pace for my marathon. I was planning at running at a 7:30 min/mile pace for the marathon, but the knee pain has made me realize I am pushing it. It is my first marathon, and my goal is just to make sure I run the entire 26.2 miles, not to be a Boston qualifier. Due to this, I had adopted a 9:00 min/mile pace so I can finish at 4:00:00. I am planning on shifting the pace based on how the rest of my training goes. With this slower pace it was easy to complete all of my recommended mileage.

Week 11 will involve me jumping back on the regularly scheduled program. I’m taking the next few weeks with caution so I can avoid another setback like this from occurring. Until then, remember to stay dedicated and train hard.

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