Week 13 Marathon Training: Running With Zombies

Top: Miles to Run, Bottom: Miles Ran

While week 13 was a successful run I found it to be a difficult run. The difficulty was not due to being too tired or not having the time to complete my mileage. It was difficult because nearly every day I was bored during my run.

This can occur really easily for long distance runners who need to fulfill their weekly mileage. While running can be enjoyable, it’s hard to find that motivation to run an hour a day, counting down the miles left to go. I had initially planned for this by pre-planning all of my training routes to be different each day. However, this has proven to not be enough.

This is where I turned to the mobile app, “Zombies, Run!“. I heard a lot of positive feedback for the app, but I was hesitant to spend money on something I may not even enjoy. After a bit of debate, I decided to buy the app. It has been the first week of using the app and I absolutely love it. The app has a fairly silly, but compelling stoyline to motive me to run. I am able to use Pandora’s app to listen to music while I go around collecting items and finishing missions.

Then, my favorite part of the app, is the pace counter. Every mile I ran I had an automatic voice telling me how long it took to run my current distance. This works great to calculate my pace. I would highly recommend it to those for long distance runners. It’s great for both marathoners and casual runners alike. In future posts I plan on doing a full review on Zombies, Run!. Until then, remember to stay dedicated and train hard.

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