Week 16 Marathon Training: Running in the Rain

Top: Miles to Run, Bottom: Miles Ran

Now that the 16th week has finished I can confidently say that I’m prepared for Mother Nature’s worst. Since the start of my marathon training I have ran in below freezing temperatures, weather with non-stop hail, and dangerously hot conditions. This week had rainfall occurring nearly every single day.

The worst of it occurred on Friday. I had previously made arrangements with my massage therapist to provide me with body work throughout the month of May. This hopefully will help relieve any tension before the big day. The issue, however, is when my massage sessions occur. On Fridays I work a full day, so my mileage is usually done during the evening. Although I’m not able to meet any other day of the week for the massage except for Friday. This means that in order to run I need to run before getting off work so my muscles do not experience any muscular damage from overworking them.

My solution was to run during my 1 hour lunch break. On week 16’s Friday, it was down pouring most of the day. This is a problem for a contact wearer, such as myself, as my eyes get super dry from the water. During the entirety of my jog I found myself running red-eyed. The soreness got bad to the point where I had to switch off between opening and closing my eyes in between mileas. Despite all the pain, I carried on. I finished mile 7 without being able to see for a good half of the run. True I was blind for a good twenty minutes after the run but I did not let mother nature beat me.

I have conquered many of obstacles mother nature has given me. The weather stands no chance of beating me down on race day. Until then, remember to stay dedicated and train hard.

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