Monthly Progress Report: Midyear Resolution’s

There is a lot more to finish off on the list but I feel like I had a productive year so far. In one weekend alone I got my driver’s license, became president of my Computer Science Club, and ran a marathon.

So far I have completed 4 out of 25 items on my 2015 goals list. I also have crossed off a bucket list item this year as well! A lot of these goals will take a lot of time to complete. I’m expecting to knock a bulk of them out before November.

I have hit some major life goals so far. The first is getting a new job. I had no doubts I can secure a better job, but I never put in the effort to do so. As a result, I was seeing a lot of my fellow co-workers move onto big and better positions. I didn’t want to be that guy who complained about the situation but put in the most minimal effort to change it. So I actively looked for a job. I went through many interviews, applying to many positions, and finally got an awesome job with amazing benefits. This drove my confidence to keep pursuing other opportunities. Just last month I had spoke with a representative of an internship program and I will likely beginning a new job in January. If I get it, I’ll have my first ever dream job.

Second life goal reached was was getting my license. I had failed my driver’s test a total of 4 times. The last time was enough to just give up on my license for a long time. However, I realize I can not just go through life without being able to drive. I have denied a lot of great job opportunities and had to put ambitions on hold simply because of transportation. I figured enough is enough and paid for some driving lessons. In just a few short weeks I finally passed the test.

Within that same weekend I ran my first ever marathon. I trained hard for it, and after 18 weeks of blood, sweat, and tears, I did it. It was an amazing experience. I wrote a more detailed report on my experience in one of my blog entry’s.

My final goal for the year was hunting for a medallion. Every year my town hosts a medallion hunt. The medallion is hidden someone in the city and the goal is to decipher the clues to locate the medallion. My brother and I attempted it as a kid, but failed due to our lack of knowledge of the city. This year I gave it my all to search for that medallion. While I didn’t find it in the end, I tried my best, and I feel that’s what counts.

So, just to recap on my Challenge List Accomplishments:

2 Get my driver’s license

5 Run the Minneapolis Marathon

7 Actively Participate in a Medallion Hunt

22 Get a new job

I am still actively working on these goals. By the end of December, expect to see the a lot more things crossed off.

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