31 Days of Halloween: Day 3, Playing Alan Wake


Nothing says Halloween like a bit of terror. I felt one of the best things to start it off is playing the horror game called, Alan Wake. My girlfriend and I have talked about trying to play this game for a long while. We are interested in working on a horror game together and a lot of the mechanics we want to use are also used in Alan Wake.

The game starts off with our main character, Alan Wake. He’s a horror book author who wants nothing more but to get away from it all and take a vacation in the fictional town, Bright Falls. The game cleverly uses darkness as the enemy and you must fight it with nothing more but a flashlight and a gun. I love this idea of using a flashlight as one of your primarily weapons. It’s limited battery use made it feel like it’s absolutely crucial not to use it carelessly.

The game’s plot felt very familiar to previous suspense-thriller movie tropes like Secret Window and Misery. It felt like I wasn’t really playing a game, rather I was in a movie. The cutscenes transition smoothing between gameplay making the game feel fluid. The entire experience had me on edge trying hard not make the one mistake that’ll kill me.

So far I’ve only finished up Act I of the game. My girlfriend and I felt like we had enough notes to use for our own game’s design. With all of this said, we decided we wanted to play more horror themed games throughout the month of October. We cannot wait to continue our days of Halloween-filled fun.

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