Week 0: The FitBuddies Challenge

On November 6th, the internet film company known as Roosterteeth posted a video about 3 of their employees who aim to work out and lose weight. They call themselves “Buff Buddies” and encouraged others who want to join them to post weekly journals documenting their experiences.  I decided to take up the challenge to join them on their 16-week quest to be stronger.

I am not really new to Physical fitness. I am very avid in both Parkour and Running for the past couple of years. It was actually earlier in June this year I’ve completed my first Marathon after 18-weeks of intensive training. However, after I finished my marathon I started to slack in my physical fitness regime.

I use to be the kind of guy who worked out 2 hours a day and eat salads like it was the only thing I knew how to eat. Nowadays, I slipped into the bad habit of sitting on my butt and eating junk food. I feel like if myself from a year ago and me today got into a fitness competition I’ll get my ass kicked. I don’t like that, so I am now making the pledge to become stronger every single day.


Rock climb a V4 Route (Current Best: V2)
5:00 Minute mile (Current Best: 6:25)
20 consecutive pull Ups (Current Best: 16)
Swim 500m in 11:00 minutes (Current Best 15:10)

Long-Term(1 year)

Spartan 5k (Under 50:00)
Swim 1600m/1 mile consecutively
Front Flip
Back Flip
Side Flip


Age:           21
Height:    5′ 11
Weight: 151 lbs
Body Fat: 9%
Age: 20
Height: 5’11
Weight: 135 lbs
Body Fat: 6%
Body Photo

I do not have a gym membership and the only work out equipment I have is at the Parkour academy I go to. Most of my exercises will consist of Martial Arts, Rock Climbing, Running, Swimming, and Gymnastics. I will be logging my exercises at the end of each week.

Good luck to my fellow Buff Buddies, I wish you the best in your workouts!

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