Buff Buddies Week 1: Highs and Lows

So I feel I had a successful first week overall. There were definitely some hiccups along the way. My aim was to do Parkour/Freerunning/Tricking every single day this week, but due to school and work, I only managed to do them five days this week. My diet has definitely been superb. I cut the fat, increased the protein, and switch to a high-fiber diet. I feel a lot healthier and less stressed throughout today.

In my last log, I had several specific workout goals I wanted to achieve. I presented the stats and my all-time best record for each stat. This time I did a test of each stat to get my current best record. This week I was only able to get a measure of run time and pull up count.

On the positive side, I convinced my girlfriend to join me in my workouts. She told me she is willing to join me for leisure exercises such as Frisbee and Yoga. She did promise to join me in Krav Maga next time I do it.
Breakdown of my workouts since last Friday(November 6th)

  • Friday – Tricking: 540 kicks(1 Hour)
    Saturday – Freerunning: Cartwheel variations, Penny Drops, and Castaways(2 Hours)
    Sunday – Frisbee & Yoga(1 hour)
    Monday – Krav Maga(1 Hour), Pull Up Training(.5 hours), Gymnastics: Handstand Push-Up training, Planche progression (1 hour)
    Tuesday- Frisbee(.5 Hour)
    Wednesday – 2.5 Mile walk. Running (.5 hour)
    Thursday – Tricking: 540 Kicks & Yoga (1 Hour)

    Total: 8.5 Hours

Result: Not bad, but I feel like I can kick up my workout time more. This week I’m going to shoot for an average of 1.5-2 hours each day aiming for a total of 10-14 hours each week.

Weight: 152 lb(+1 lb since last week)
Body Fat %: 9%(+0% since last week)

Body Photo

Result: I feel glad my weight gain doesn’t seem to be a fat gain. With any luck I can continuing growing stronger.

Goal Records:

Pull ups(Goal: 20, Best Ever: 16, Most This Week: 12)
Mile/Min(Goal: 5:00, Best Ever: 6:25, Most This week: 8:21)

Result: Will just need to keep trying!

Overall Conclusion
This week’s stats have some high and lows, but pretty much expected for my first week. I aim to keep growing stronger and will push on as much as I need to. I am looking forward to when my semester ends so I can start working on my swim and rock climbing goals.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week 1! Keep on growing strong!

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