Buff Buddies Week 2: Cutting The Temptation

Week 2 ends as another success in my 16-week journey. I managed to restrict myself to a healthy diet and did not eat any junk food in the process. I noticed my fridge was lacking some fruits and veggies so I decided to make a little shopping trip. By the end of my spree I bought a total of 30 bananas. They go ripe pretty quick so the next few days I’m going to be loading myself on potassium.

My workouts are starting to show some progress. I remembered from my marathon training program that it was recommended to fit in a light jog as a recovery day in between intense workout days. Doing this helped promote muscle recovery as well as allowed the muscles to remain strong. I decided to do this for week 2 by including a short 3-6 mile run every couple of days. I felt great, and I was able to do a lot more intense workouts without feeling as sore.

I also decided to dedicate my Sundays as off days. I felt like after 6 days of workouts I should take the time to repair by doing lots of stretching. This would also give me time to study up on some diet and exercise articles to better plan out future weeks.


Friday – 4 Mile Run (.5 Hours), Pull Ups(.5 Hours)
Saturday – Wall Flips (1 Hour), Weight Training: Chest and Triceps(1 hour)
Sunday – 2.5 mile run and yoga (1 hour)
Monday – Krav Maga (1 Hour). Tricking: Kip Ups and 540 Kicks ( 1 Hour)
Tuesday – Parkour Conditioning: Handstand Workout(1 Hour)
Wednesday – Yoga(.5 Hours), 3 Mile Run + 1 mile Speed Test (.5 Hour)
Thursday – Pull Ups(.5 Hours), Handstand Workouts(.5 Hours), Tricking: 540 Kicks(1 Hour)

Total: 10 Hours

Result: Met my 10-14 Hour weekly goal this week.Going to keep shooting for this range next week.


Weight: 150 lbs (-2 since last week)
Body Fat %: 8% (-1% since last week)

Body Photo

Result: Pretty amazed I lost a 1% body fat after 2 weeks. I guess my low fat diet is working.

Goal Records
Pull Ups(Goal: 20, Most Last Week: 12, Most This week: 13)
1 Mile Run(Goal: 5:00, Most Last Week: 8:21, Most This week 6:06)

Result: I am a little surprised by the jump in mileage time. There were a couple of things I did different in measuring my time this week than previous times which may have effected the score:

  1. I did a light warm up before the run.
  2. I used a stop watch to track my time instead of my phone’s GPS running app
  3. I actually measured the distance instead of waiting for my GPS running app to say 1 mile
  4. I did it on leveled ground

I will need to do another measure next week to verify if my time jump is consistent or if it was a fluke. If it’s not, I may have a new all-time best for my 1 mile run.

Overall Conclusion

I definitely feel a lot better now then I did two weeks ago. I hope to continue on this workout trend and keeping getting stronger. Thanksgiving is coming up which just means another obstacle to overcome in my 16-week journey.

Keep it up fellow Buff Buddies! Your hard work will definitely pay off!

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