Goal 12 Accomplished: 12 Hours Of Parkour

Parkour has always been a big part of my life. Before I got into it I had very little muscle and about 20 lbs of fat on me. When I started out I only dabbled in it a bit just to master some basics. It wasn’t until I met some skilled athletes practicing downtown did I discover this passion in me that wanted to improve.
Since that day, I began to push myself to do things beyond what I’m use to. I restricted myself to a veggie filled diet and exercised nearly 4 hours a day. I felt myself improving both in body and mind. As I grew older, I started to loosen my restrictions and ended up neglecting my Parkour training. I felt like I needed to get that push again, and so I decided to set my goal to train Parkour in a 12 hour period.
The task seemed like it would be simple, I practiced 6 hours in a day before so I thought another 6 would be no big deal. I calculated that this task would require me to consume at least 6,000 calories. To make sure I was in top condition, I prepared tomorrow’s meals before hand, did some carb loading, and went to bed early.
The beginning of it wasn’t bad. I wanted to diversify my training to prevent boredom and settled to jog to a different location each hour. The start of the day was extremely humid so I did light work as a general warm up. I wanted to take things slow first as I planned to do more intensive work in the evening.  The first 3 hours flew on by. I ended up smashing my toe slipping on a precision jump. I felt like that was due to low energy from hunger and decided to take a refuel break. I downed some carbs and proteins, a Gatorade, and an energy bar before quickly going back to training. The rain started to pour in causing me to move my training indoors. The break from the sun was just what I needed to cool down a bit while I gradually built up the intensity my workouts.
After a few hours of some moderately intensive training I took another refuel break and drove to the Fight or Flight Academy for some Parkour classes. I felt energized enough to head to my classes where I’d do the more intensive workouts. I got to the class where I signed up for Flips work. After flips classes we moved on to freerunning where we did some more flip work off of walls. I did another quick refuel break before moving onto Parkour.  The class for Parkour was Kong vaults, but myself and several others were taken to the intermediate class to train double kongs. I was a bit exhausted at this point and being that I haven’t done Kong vaults in a while, it took a while to get a few of them going. After a little guidance from my instructor, however, I not only performed my Kong vaults beautifully, but was also able to nail the double Kong.
After Parkour the gym stayed open for an additional 2 hours for open gym. I spent this time trying to smooth out some of my front flips. After a while I joined a few others and we started messing around with a couple of tricks. The gym was closing so I moved on to practice at a local park. I was working on what little energy I had left so I moved on to really light stuff. I hit the 12 hour mark just as my Parkour rolls started to get sloppy and painful. I rewarded myself by eating an entire frozen pizza and stretching out for a really long while.
In the end I sustained a broken toe nail and an injured leg, but managed to make a heck of a lot of progress in my training. The next day I was exhausted and sore, but was still able to move around to do some more stretching and leisure activities. I feel proud I manged to stick with the entire journey without tapping out and managed to cross one more item off my list.

Challenge List:
12 12 Hours of Parkour ACCOMPLISHED

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