Gamify Your Life With HabitRPG


Back in April I talked about this fun little tool called Habitica, formerly known as HabitRPG, which I used to aid me in my marathon training. Midway through my training I found that while I was running for hours each week it felt ungratifying to see very little progression. I wished there was some way to track my work as stats to see how much I progressed.

This is where Habitica came to help. This application allowed me to log my tasks into a To-Do list. When I complete a task I gain experience(EXP) and gold. When enough EXP  is gained I leveled up and earned treasures and equipment along the way. This caused me to push myself to work on my To-Do’s a lot more to earn EXP. This idea of gamifying my life expanded to a lot more tasks that increased productivity. Not only was I getting more things done, but now it felt like doing work was helping me get better at the game.

All Items

The basic mechanics of this game allows you to turn dallies, habits, and To-Dos into a skill-like system. You’re allowed to set the difficulty of each tasks to influence how much EXP and gold will be given to you when completing it. In the dallies column you will cross off tasks you would do on a daily basis. Your To-Do’s are tasks you can set to complete on a certain time limit. Your habits can be set as either positive or negative occurrences. If you do a positive habit you will earn gold, EXP, and Mana. If you complete a negative habit, you will lose health.

Pets2The game is set up so you can adjust to the mechanics before moving onto doing the more complicated features. The one that I really love doing is collecting items. As you progress through the game you will find that each completed habit will drop something such as potions and pet eggs. When you hatch an egg you will gain a pet to accompany you in your Habitica journey. Certain pets can also be unlocked through Quest which also reward you with EXP, gold, and equipment.

If wish to partner up with some buddies, Habitica allows you to take work Bosson your quests  in a party. Together you can work with other Habitcans to fight bosses, collect items, and work on your habits together. If you want to socialize with other like minded people you can join a Guild that have people interested in a range of activities such as exercising, programming, and video games. Guilds also offer challenges for a chance to collect Gems and unlock exclusive perks.

Habitica has definitely been a positive influence on my life. The ability to customize your work load to gain immediate rewards has made even the most daunting tasks far more enjoyable. If you’re looking on how to turn some of your more tedious routines into the game I would recommend checking out Thomas Frank’s article , from CollegeInfoGeek, where he applies Habitica to help build his workouts at the gym.

Whether you are trying to get into the habit of doing your projects, or just want to make your tasks feel more rewarding, Habitica can help you make it feel a lot more enjoyable.

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