Buff Buddies Week 5 – Train Harder

I am happy to report that week 5 is over as well as my classes. Sadly, since I did have to focus on my finals I did not find the time to keep a track of my weekly hours nor do any tests on my workout goals. I do know I have achieved my 10 hour workout goal.

Since school is over I found I had more time to go to the Martial Arts gym I attend for Krav Maga and Parkour. I ended up spending a good few hours there many days out of the week and I was amazed at how much my body has grown. I was climbing walls a lot higher than I was able to during the summer, greatly improve on my flips, and managed to do my first muscle up.

Besides the gym I also started focusing on more exercises to help me lead on to more strength intensive workouts such as handstand push ups and one handed pull ups. I also am starting to do some of the Spartan Workout of The Days that get e-mailed to me when I find I do not have time to put in my regular exercises.

Weight: 152 lb (+0 from last week)
Body Fat %: 8%(-1% from last week)

Body Photo

Result: I am going to try to include some more core intensive exercises into my workouts. I think it might help me get a faster rotation in my flips and build up my 6-pack.

Overall Conclusion
I feel great about my workouts. I started to fix up some diet and stretching issues I have had previous weeks and it seems to be help recover a lot quicker with my workouts.

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