Buff Buddies Week 6-9 – Catch Up

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted my Buff Buddies blog entry and it’s been one hectic few weeks to work out. I’m going to be leaving for a Snowboarding trip over the weekend and wanted to make sure I updated my Buff Buddies progress before than. Instead my entries following previous formats I will be breaking down each week and providing short summaries:

Week 6
Week 6 was the week I had to get my wisdom teeth removed. The surgery would’ve involved taking a couple of days of rest before resuming a normal workout regime. My surgery was on Thursday, so in order to cope with the next few days of taking it easy, I spent all of Monday-Wednesday really pushing my workouts to get the most out of my workout regime.

Week 7
Despite making the workouts a lot lighter than my usual regime I was still not feeling 100% ready to go back to the routine. A lot of fun workouts had to be sacrificed such as Krav Maga and Swimming. Christmas was rolling around this same week so the gym ended up being closed by the time I made a full recovery. A good chunk of the days during week 7 were dedicated towards running and calisthenics.

Week 8
Week 8 was yet another hectic week for working out. Since it’s Winter Break I had quite a few days where I could flex my time. I spent a good portion of those days going to the gym and working on Flips and Parkour. Towards the end of the week I went to help my girlfriend move. On the plus side, the move required a lot of physical movement and cutting back on meals. Despite the hours spent on physical exertion, I did not feel as well-off as doing regular work outs. I grossly underestimated the time it takes to move so I didn’t properly plan out my schedule so I can reach my workout goals.

Week 9
Week 9 has definitely been the better part of these past few weeks. With my body and schedule going back to normal I was able to workout a lot more. Despite the past few snow storms I have been spending my time running outdoors. I’ve been pushing myself to reach a 2 hour minimum workout total each day and I’ve feel like I’m constantly surpassing that.
I’ve also went to the doctor’s to get my yearly physical and discovered I have very low iron levels. This would probably explain my feelings of exhaustion throughout the day. I did some research on how I can meet my iron levels and found a lot of great information to help me along.

That’s it for this latest entry. I wish this entry wasn’t so rushed so I can provide some stats on my progress. I ended up losing the cable to charge my camera so I’m currently waiting for a new one to come in. Until then, I will not be able to provide weekly body photos to help compare progressions. Hope everyone had a great 2015, and wish you look on your 2016 fitness goals!

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