The Impossible List

I use to always fell victim to the Bucket List Conundrum. I had a list of about a million things I wanted to do but instead of crossing any of them off I ended up just adding things on.

This is mostly because I saw this list as an indefinite To-Do list where any one of these items can just be put off until  later. I needed a reason to work on these things now rather then sitting there twiddling my thumbs at a list filled with unresolved dreams.

This is where the impossible list comes from. This idea was created by Joel Runyon, who defines the differences between a bucket list and an impossible list. To summarize: an Impossible List is ever-evolving list of experiences that implore you to take action. Your list should not be dreams you’ll like to accomplish, but a journey of challenges you gradually build upon.

Below is my impossible list. I will be frequently updating the list to make revisions and additions as I worked towards them. In addition to the Impossible list I will also have a section towards the end showing progress on each year’s challenge list.

Fitness Goals

  • 10 Years of Martial Arts(1/10)
  • 10 Years of Weaponry(0/10)
  • Score 300 with a Recurve Bow(FITA Archery Scoring)
  • Do a Simple Walk Into Mordor
  • Climb Devil’s Tower, Wyoming
  • 7 Summit Challenge(Except Mount Everest)
  • Walk Across America
  • 50 Points in 50 States(2/50)
  • Complete all Fitocracy Quests
  • Learn to Surf
    Long Distance Running
    Run Alpha Warrior
    • Texas
    • California
    Spartan Races
    • Spartan Sprint(5 miles, 20 obstacles)(June 25th, 2016)
    • Spartan Super(8 miles, 25 obstacles)
    • Spartan Beast(13 miles, 30 obstacles)
    • Spartan Tifecta(Sprint, Super, and Beast in one year)
    • Sprint(750m/20k/5k)
    • Olympic(1500m/40k/10k)
    • Half-Iron(1.2mi/56mi/13.1mi)
    • Iron(2.4mi/112mi/26.2mi)
    Intense Races
    • All the flips
      • Front
      • Back
      • Side
      • Aerial
    • All the Twisting
      • Corkscrew
      • 540 Kick
    • 5 Muscles Ups(No-Kip)
    • 10 Freestanding Handstand Push-ups
    • Full Splits
    • 15-second Human Flag
    • Sign the White Block at Fight or Flight Academy

Fun Goals

  • Go Skinny Dipping
  • Go Sky Diving
  • Cliff Swinging
  • Paragliding
  • Full-Body Wax
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Find 1,000 Geoaches(24/1,000)
  • Make Food From Scratch
    • Cheese
    • Yogurt

Survival Goals

  • Make Deer Jerky
  • Finish a Survival Adventure Race
  • Wilderness First Responder Certification
  • Become certified as a Waterfront Lifeguard
  • Build and Shoot a Bow and Arrow from Scratch
  • Take NOLs semester course
  • Survival Camping
    • 7 Days Survivor-man Style
    • 21 Days Naked and Afraid Style

Educational Goals

  • Get a Helicopter Pilot’s License
  • Publish A Mobile App
  • Write a Novel
  • Pick a Master Lock
  • Earn College Degree
    • Bachelor’s
    • Master’s
    • PhD
  • Play Piano
    • Piano Man by Billy Joel
    • Roses and Butterflies by Making April
    • Guitar vs Piano by Goukisan (Piano Piece)
  • Play Guitar
    • Guitar vs Piano by Goukisan (Guitar Piece)
  • Play Harmonica
    • The They are Changing by Bob Dylan
    • Piano Man by Billy Joel


  • Eeyore’s Birthday
  • Go to Room 13 San Antonia
  • Sundance Film Festival
  • Attend Cirque De Loteil
  • Google Local Guides Summit
  • Red Bull Art of Motion

Travel Goals

  • See an Aurora Borealis
  • Visit Sweden
  • Hike the Ice Age Trail
  • Visit Canada
  • Go To a Japanese Hot Spring
  • Go Scuba Diving in Australia’s Coral Reef
  • Paragliding Down a Mountain
  • Marble Arch Caves, Ireland
  • Spontaneous Vacation(From Yes Man)
  • Bizarre Landmarks
    • Bunny Island, Japan
    • Strawberry Hill, Wyoming
    • Corn Palace, North Dakota

Life Goals

Challenge Lists

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