Buff Buddies Week 10-11: The Quest Continues

These past few weeks have definitely been a bit of a push towards my fitness goals. I recently joined Fitocracy, a website where you can track workouts using points and level up along the way. My favorite feature about this website is the use of Quests, which challenges users to do certain workouts to unlock badges and points. It’s been a blast experimenting with these different workouts to add a bit of variety to my exercises.

Along with Fitocracy, I’ve been doing the “Workout of The Day”, sent to me since singing up for a Spartan Race this year. I’ve been making it a habit to do the Workouts every day since joining Fitocracy. I am a part of Fitocracy challenge to see who can gain the most points, and the Workouts are just intense enough to rack up a lot of points.

Weight: 155lbs
Body Fat %: 7%

Will be able to supply a body photo next week when the camera’s cable comes in. If anyone wants to join me in Fitocracy feel free to add me!


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