Buff Buddies Week 12-14: Climbing Higher

It’s been a little while since my last Buff Buddies entry. I recently had some technical issues with my blog making me unable to post my latest update. The past 3 weeks have definitely been a mix of feelings from entertaining to exhausting to say the least.

In week 12 I continued on my personal challenge to do the Spartan Workout of the Day (WOD) every day. I ended up succeeding in nearly all of them, except for Saturday, which tasked me to run over 3 hours consecutively. Instead I went for a much shorter run then went rock climbing. I ended up knocking down a Buff Buddies fitness goal, where I successfully climbed a V4 route. I am proud that I’ve come so far in my rock climbing abilities since a year ago where I was dominated by my friend’s 12-year sister as she climbed V3’s with ease while I struggled with V1’s.

Week 13 was pretty eventful. The school work is starting to pick up so it was becoming more of a struggle to balance exercise, school, and work. I still managed to get in my workouts in by really pushing myself to complete my work. I felt that week 13 may have been one of the most stressful weeks to keep on exercising. In week 13 I was enrolled in my Parkour academy’s Level 2 classes. The Parkour academy I go to is now transitioning to a leveling system and will be creating advanced level classes(Level 3) later this year. From what I learned, Level 3 will be really intense, so I’m hoping to fine tune my techniques in Level 2 before testing into the Level 3 classes.

Week 14 was a very entertaining week. I enrolled in a martial arts class to learn how to sword fight. My friend was having a birthday party and I had a lot of fun doing more leisure workouts like bowling after my usual workout regime. On Saturday I was invited to a film festival and had trouble parking. I ended up parking 2 miles uphill and running back and forth to try to catch the film. I ended up being a little late due to how hectic traffic was, but I still got a great run from it. The day afterwards my girlfriend and I tried snowshoeing for the first time and went on a 3-hour long hike. At the end of the day we spent a good few hours having cocoa and building snowmen.

Only 2 more weeks until the Buff Buddies challenge is over. I hope everyone has been keeping up with their workout goals and finishing off with a high note!

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