Buff Buddies Week 15: Wrapping Up

It’s nearing the last week of Buff Buddies. This entry will be another short one. The snow is starting to melt so I planned on doing one last snow boarding trip before winter ends.

Week 15 was definitely a fun week. My girlfriend and I have this traditional bad movie marathon where we would watch bad movies and eat junk food the entire day before Valentine’s Day. This year, however, we actually went with a less junk food filled route and stuck to more healthier options such as vegetables with hummus, zucchini bagel sandwiches, and tortellini soup. On Valentine’s day we set out to go hiking for several hours then chowing on Udon and catching the Deadpool movie.

The rest of the week I spent pushing myself in my Parkour training. I am working hard to get into the advance classes before this summer. I have been showing a lot of progress in such a short amount of time since joining the classes. Now that week 15 is over I will be moving on to the final week of Buff Buddies to do a recap of the entire adventure. Good luck to my fellow buff buddies on their final week!

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