Buff Buddies Week 16: Finale

It is the last week of the Buff Buddies series meaning my 16-week Buff Buddies journey comes to an end. For week 16 I stayed active for every single day with a variety of exercises including long runs, 8 mile hikes, weight lifting, Parkour, and Martial Arts. I surpassed my weekly 14-hour goal for myself by a good few hours. Overall it was a fantastic last week to end Buff Buddies.

When I started my Buff Buddies journey I felt like I was not fulfilling a satisfying workout regime. There were days I often skipped workouts which showed itself through my physique and physical abilities. When I took up Buff Buddies my goal was to try to push myself harder each week so I showed progress through each Buff Buddies post. I felt like I accomplished that for the most part and now will take this experience to keep pushing myself hard well after Buff Buddies.

In week 0 I mentioned a quick few goals I wanted to complete after my 16 weeks:


Rock climb a V4 Route (Week 0’s Best: V2, Week 16’s Best: V4)
5:00 Minute mile (Week 0’s Best: 6:25, Week 0’s Best: 6:01)
20 consecutive pull Ups (Week 0’s Best: 12 Week 16’s Best: 16)
Swim 500m in 11:00 minutes (Week 0’s Best: 15:10, Week 16’s best: 10:26)

Despite only accomplishing half of my goals I did manage to accomplish at least two of them as well as progress in the two I didn’t complete. I feel like I may have over-estimated my running and pull up goals. With the addition of my regular workouts and physical training I found it hard to consistently fit in workouts for my pull ups and speed runs. Although, this does not mean I’m going to give up on them. I put these down as long-term goals that I plan on accomplishing before the end of this year. I will be posting updates on this in my personal blog.

Now to take a look at my physical results:

Week 0:
Weight: 151 lbs
Body Fat %: 9%

Week 16:
Weight: 153 lbs
Body Fat %: 7%

Body Photo Comparison

While I may have not have gone as far as weight gain goes I am proud to find I have lost some body fat along the way. There also seems to be some noticeable differences in my Parkour training in what I can do and how much better I can do it. It feels that my improvement in Parkour becomes a reflection of my 16-weeks of doing Buff Buddies. I am grateful this Buff Buddies challenge existed, it really gave me the push I needed to get back on my regular workout regime and continue to improve myself further than before. I may have not have met all my goals but I certainly feel like I have the tools I need to keep growing. I hope everyone who joined in on the Buff Buddies challenge also saw some noticeable improvements in the end. Let what you have accomplished during these 16 weeks help you go strong for the rest of your life. Keep training hard!

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