Welcome, my name is Russ Wilkie. Seeker of Adventures, Lover of Challenges. My philosophy in life is to make the me of tomorrow better than the me of today.


One fateful News Years Day I had a discussion with a buddy on New Years Resolutions. We both felt like New Years Resolutions, much like Bucket Lists, are always these ideals we set for ourselves but never accomplish. Sure a lot of people out there would like to drop 50lbs and quit smoking, but there is never intrinsic motivation for them to do it.

This is when I came up with The Challenge List. Every year I will sit down and write down a list of 25 different tasks that I must complete at the end of the year. Theses tasks are an assortment of different things that would demand for me to push myself beyond my comfort zone.

Each tasks varies in level in difficulty, but all will force me to study, train, and adventure in new opportunities.

Since starting this journey in 2015 I have seen a vast improvement in myself. I learned a lot since doing these challenges and want to share what I’ve learned with everyone.

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