Monthly Progress Report: Midyear Resolution’s

There is a lot more to finish off on the list but I feel like I had a productive year so far. In one weekend alone I got my driver’s license, became president of my Computer Science Club, and ran a marathon.

So far I have completed 4 out of 25 items on my 2015 goals list. I also have crossed off a bucket list item this year as well! A lot of these goals will take a lot of time to complete. I’m expecting to knock a bulk of them out before November.

I have hit some major life goals so far. The first is getting a new job. I had no doubts I can secure a better job, but I never put in the effort to do so. As a result, I was seeing a lot of my fellow co-workers move onto big and better positions. I didn’t want to be that guy who complained about the situation but put in the most minimal effort to change it. So I actively looked for a job. I went through many interviews, applying to many positions, and finally got an awesome job with amazing benefits. This drove my confidence to keep pursuing other opportunities. Just last month I had spoke with a representative of an internship program and I will likely beginning a new job in January. If I get it, I’ll have my first ever dream job.

Second life goal reached was was getting my license. I had failed my driver’s test a total of 4 times. The last time was enough to just give up on my license for a long time. However, I realize I can not just go through life without being able to drive. I have denied a lot of great job opportunities and had to put ambitions on hold simply because of transportation. I figured enough is enough and paid for some driving lessons. In just a few short weeks I finally passed the test.

Within that same weekend I ran my first ever marathon. I trained hard for it, and after 18 weeks of blood, sweat, and tears, I did it. It was an amazing experience. I wrote a more detailed report on my experience in one of my blog entry’s.

My final goal for the year was hunting for a medallion. Every year my town hosts a medallion hunt. The medallion is hidden someone in the city and the goal is to decipher the clues to locate the medallion. My brother and I attempted it as a kid, but failed due to our lack of knowledge of the city. This year I gave it my all to search for that medallion. While I didn’t find it in the end, I tried my best, and I feel that’s what counts.

So, just to recap on my Challenge List Accomplishments:

2 Get my driver’s license

5 Run the Minneapolis Marathon

7 Actively Participate in a Medallion Hunt

22 Get a new job

I am still actively working on these goals. By the end of December, expect to see the a lot more things crossed off.

Monthy Progress Report: Feburary

I know that this it seems rather late to be posting a Monthly Progress Report for last month when this month is nearly over. I actually did have one for February written up weeks ago, but was hesitant to submit it. After much consideration, I settled to publish my progress report for February. I feel that if I want to have a fair reflection of my progress I cannot withhold publishing any reports.

The month of February was a rough one. Frankly, I was a little bit embarrassed by my performance for February. While I was able to keep up with my weekly challenges, such as meditation twice a week and martial arts, there were a number of sacrifices I made over the month.


The first sacrifice I made was my job. I interviewed for a position at a new company, but due to some miscommunication, I thought I was offered the position. I sent my 2-week notice in, went in on the day I thought I would start, and discovered that I was not, in fact, offered a position, but that they were still in the selection process. In short, I am unemployed.

300 Days of Parkour

In my January Progress report I talked about working on a new project called “300 Days of Parkour”. Unfortunately, the month I wanted to start also fell in line with same month of an upcoming security competition. My preparation for the competition absorbed a vast majority of my free time. I ended up have very inconsistent practice days and I was not able to shoot any training footage as a result.

Marathon Training

My marathon training had a few days lost as well. While I was able to keep up with most of the Hanson’s Method, 2-3 days had to be skipped. The weather had no mercy on me this winter, and I still feel guilty I didn’t power through the days I had to call it in.

Overall, February felt more like a month of regression than a month of progression. Despite all this, I am not going to look at it in a negative light. I may have lost my job, but I am not seeing it as a big deal. There’s a chance of getting the position, and if not, I can always focus on school work. Work has been a huge consumption of my time, and I feel this free time allows me to focus more on school work and certifications.

Secondly, the security competition is over. I have been more consistent with my training since then and will be begin recording my progression during the month of March.

Lastly, the weather is clearing up. It is becoming a lot more bearable to jog and I am also tweaking my jogging schedule each day to occur when weather is at it’s peak conditions.

It may have been a rough month, but it was not a bad month. With each moment of failure comes a moment of learning. With every sacrifice comes a gain. I will not stop pushing myself to reach my goals. I am going to take on March, as well as the rest of the year, with optimism. Until then, remember to stay dedicated and train hard.

Monthly Progress Report: January

Well, everyone, a month has come and gone for 2015. This year has already showed signs that big change will be coming. For this reason, I had decided that I’ll be doing a monthly progress report at the end of each month.

January may not have had been a month where I accomplished any of my Challenge List’s items, but I feel like it was a month of progress Since the list is rather long I am only planning on giving a report of the major progressions for my list. To see the entire Challenge list, please click here.

Compliment a different person every day

31 days down 31 different people complimented. The goal of this challenge is to get me out of my comfort zone so I have less issues talking to strangers. Everyone enjoys a good compliment, so I figured this would be a good way for me to get over my anxiety while also making others feel better.

Meditate Twice a week

Another goal I have been able to keep. I try to at least dedicate 10 minutes a day, 2 days a week to meditation. It’s been working, but my schedule has been making it harder.

Run a Marathon

My marathon training begun Sunday, January 25th. I researched extensively on what sort of training program to do and settled on doing the “Hanson’s Method”. I plan on blogging my marathon training and the Hanson’s Method.

Achieve a gold medal in the president’s challenge

I started this list when I had a bronze medal. Less than a week ago I was able to earn as silver medal. I am still actively working my way towards the gold. I have less than 70k points left to go

Practice Martial Arts Twice a week

This was by far the most difficult goal I have had this month. It’s not so much that I don’t have time for it, but I feel that I don’t have enough interest to do it. I use to be a lot more active in martial arts back when I took lessons, but had since lost the discipline. I am trying to make sure I keep a disciplined training so I can still improve at it. I feel like what I really need to boost my interest is going back to my martial arts classes. When I took lessons I felt like I had a direction on how train. I feel by having that direction come up again I can motivate myself to train more.

Which brings me to my next point. A few weeks ago I watched a video on Tony Robbinson’s ideas on how to keep a resolution. He talked a lot about how we can only achieve our resolutions if we have enough reason to do them. This led me to re-examining my list’s items and ask myself “Why do I want to achieve this?”. I was able to find a valid reason for all but 1 of these items, so I unofficially took it off my list.

I still want to do the item on my list, but it’s not something I’ll be heavily focused on. Instead I want to focus on improving myself for a sport I’m passionate about, Parkour. In the Parkour community there is a “Challenge” that some practitioners take on in some point in their training called “365 days of Parkour”. This is where for 10 minutes a day, for 365 days, you have to do Parkour. I had attempted this challenge before, but for various reasons I chose to stop.

Now I feel like I am ready to adopt this challenge, or rather, a “lighter version” of the challenge. My previous challenge had me doing Parkour a minimum of 30 minutes a day, this year I am moving it down 10 minutes. I am also going to try to shoot videos of my progress as much as I can. One of the main issues I had with doing the 365 days was training, than spending the time to document it into plain text. I want to cut the fat by doing visual documentation. Lastly, I want to try to finish this as end of the year challenge. 31 days have already past on the calendar, and there are several days this year I know will prevent me from doing Parkour. Due to this, I am cutting it back to 300 days of Parkour. This way if I do need to focus myself away from Parkour, for whatever reason, I have a limited number of days I can do so.

If the 300 days of Parkour does go well enough I may move up to the actual 365 day challenge another year. Here’s to a new month, another 28 days to improve!