Week 15 Marathon Training: Earning XP

Top: Miles to Run, Bottom: Miles Ran
Top: Miles to Run, Bottom: Miles Ran

Week 15 is finished, 3 more weeks to go. The past few weeks have been rough. Finals have been approaching and it’s hard to find the time to squeeze in my mileage while balancing work and school.

What I needed was a good motivator to keep me on track of my daily goals. I ended up finding this great To-Do manager called HabitRPG. With HabitRPG I am able to gamify my life to help me complete my goals. I simply write up a list of goals, then, with each one accomplished, I gain XP. If any of my daily tasks went unchecked my avatar would lose HP.

I put Jogging as one of my daily goals. This has helped me tremendously to stop the procrastination and work towards leveling up my character. I would recommend anyone who uses a some sort of To-Do manager or planner to check it out. I do plan on doing a full review of HabitRPG in later blog posts, so be on the look out for that. Until then, remember to stay dedicated and train hard.

Week 14 Marathon Training: Keeping Pace

Top: Miles to Run, Bottom: Miles Ran
Top: Miles to Run, Bottom: Miles Ran

Week 14 has finished up as well as my second week training with the mobile app, Zombies, Run!. I had touched a bit on Zombies, Run! in my week 13 post, so for those unfamiliar with the app, I would recommend visiting here for more info.

I had been relying more on the Pace Tracker function of the app. Whenever I had finished running a mile, Zombies Run! tells me how much time it took to run that distance. I had previous been running with combination of a stop watch and calculating the total distance of my route. When I finished, I calculated my total time over distance to get a min/mile. While using this app I had learned that my runs always begin fast with a 6:30-7:00 min/mile than slow down to a 9:00-9:30 min/mile at the end. After making some adjustments I was able to find that happy medium of a 8:30 min/mile pace.

For the most part, the pace tracker has worked well. I had been able to get a feeling for what a 8:30 min/mile pace is like that I am now hitting it nearly on point every mile. So far running at the 8:30 min/mil pace seems to be ideal for my marathon so I do not plan on making any adjustments for the rest of the program. I hope that if I keep it up I can find myself running below my ideal 4:00:00 marathon finish time. Until then, remember to stay dedicated and train hard.

Week 13 Marathon Training: Running With Zombies

Top: Miles to Run, Bottom: Miles Ran

While week 13 was a successful run I found it to be a difficult run. The difficulty was not due to being too tired or not having the time to complete my mileage. It was difficult because nearly every day I was bored during my run.

This can occur really easily for long distance runners who need to fulfill their weekly mileage. While running can be enjoyable, it’s hard to find that motivation to run an hour a day, counting down the miles left to go. I had initially planned for this by pre-planning all of my training routes to be different each day. However, this has proven to not be enough.

This is where I turned to the mobile app, “Zombies, Run!“. I heard a lot of positive feedback for the app, but I was hesitant to spend money on something I may not even enjoy. After a bit of debate, I decided to buy the app. It has been the first week of using the app and I absolutely love it. The app has a fairly silly, but compelling stoyline to motive me to run. I am able to use Pandora’s app to listen to music while I go around collecting items and finishing missions.

Then, my favorite part of the app, is the pace counter. Every mile I ran I had an automatic voice telling me how long it took to run my current distance. This works great to calculate my pace. I would highly recommend it to those for long distance runners. It’s great for both marathoners and casual runners alike. In future posts I plan on doing a full review on Zombies, Run!. Until then, remember to stay dedicated and train hard.

Week 12 Marathon Training: Picking Up the Pace

Top: Miles to Run, Bottom: Miles Ran

Another week completed without skipping a single day of mileage. For week 12 I had noticed that my tempo pace has been consistently over 9:00 min/mile pace. When I started to come back from my recovery I planned on training at a slower marathon pace then adjusting based how it goes. After 3 weeks of running at this pace I had settled to train at a faster pace of 8:30 min/mile. On week 13 I will be trying out this new pace to see if it’s suitable for me. Until then, remember to stay dedicated and train hard.

Week 11 Marathon Training: Right on Track

Top: Miles Ran, Bottom: Miles to Run

Week 11 begins and my knee pain has completely stopped. I am now finished with the Hanson’s Method’s recovery program modifications. Now I am running my weekly mileage in accordance to the recommended amount for the week.

Week 10’s mileage made it difficult to get back into the program as my Long Run day had me doing 15 miles. Week 11 steps up the mileage with a total of 16 miles for Thursday. The Hanson’s Method has these runs come in the middle of the week. With all that running before Thursday, anyone doing the Hanson’s Method will find themselves running on tired legs. This is suppose cause the 16 miles to simulate the last 16 miles of a marathon.

Needless to say, 16 miles was the most miles I had ever ran. With all the fatigue accumulated from the past week’s mileage I found myself to be extremely exhausted by mile 8. Fortunately enough for me, I had a route planned out that involves me running 8 miles away from my home than turning around to run 8 miles back. Whenever I felt like slowing down I would think “It’ll be much faster to get home if I just keep running”.

By the end of Thursday I arrived home exhausted and dehydrated. It took a lot of effort to stretch out, and it took a lot of time before I was able to eat without feeling nauseous. However, I was proud to have pushed myself to finish the distance. Now that I finished the longest distance in the Hanson’s Method, the rest of the program seems like a cake walk. I am ready to tackle on week 12.¬†Until then, remember to stay dedicated and train hard.

Week 10 Marathon Training: Back To Training

Top: Miles to Run Bottom: Miles Ran

With week 10 I found I had minimal pain in my knee. As mentioned in Week 9 of my marathon training blog, I am easing back into my regular training program. According to the Hanson’s Method, this would involve me taking 2-3 days of rest, running at a light mileage, then doing last week’s mileage before I resume the program as normal. Right now I am running Week 9’s mileage during week 10. Next week I’ll be jumping straight into week 11.

I had decided to adopt a slightly slower marathon pace for my marathon. I was planning at running at a 7:30 min/mile pace for the marathon, but the knee pain has made me realize I am pushing it. It is my first marathon, and my goal is just to make sure I run the entire 26.2 miles, not to be a Boston qualifier. Due to this, I had adopted a 9:00 min/mile pace so I can finish at 4:00:00. I am planning on shifting the pace based on how the rest of my training goes. With this slower pace it was easy to complete all of my recommended mileage.

Week 11 will involve me jumping back on the regularly scheduled program. I’m taking the next few weeks with caution so I can avoid another setback like this from occurring. Until then, remember to stay dedicated and train hard.

Week 9 Marathon Training: Road To Recovery

marathontraining week9
Top: Miles to Run, Bottom: Miles Ran

Week 9’s mileage was a pretty light workout. I am following the Program Modifications chapter in The Hanson’s Method this week. I strayed away from running the first few days of the week to focus more on cross training. On Thursday I ran a light mileage to get me back into my training program. I was experiencing slight knee pains on Thursday so I wanted to keep the mileage short for the week. It has been a slow process, but with a lot of stretching and light running I started to notice the pain subsiding. The Hanson’s Method does recommend running last week’s mileage when returning to the program so week 10 will have me running the recommended mileage for week 9. Until then, remember to stay dedicated and train hard.