Epic Quest of Awesome

It’s Day 5 now since I started questing at Nerd Fitness Academy, and I have to say, the experience has been very fun so far. As I battle Bosses and Gain XP I am working each day to try to implement Steve Kamb’s Level Up Your Life ideals into my own.

This of course, means making my own Epic Quest of Awesome(Which, in short is a gamified bucket list). I have overlooked my Impossible List carefully and followed suit to separated each item into it’s own Quest Category.

Each Quest is worth 20 XP. After every 100XP is hit(or 5 Quests total) I gain a level. In addition to regular quests there are also Master Quests, extremely difficult quests that automatically level you up once you hit them.

The one tweak I’m making to my EQA draws from my Runescape-playing days, and color code the quests. Each Quests will be colored as such:

  • Quest Completed
  • Quest Started
  • Quest Not Started

Russ’ Epic Quest of Awesome

Below you will find a list of what I want to accomplish over the years. My Epic Quest is a progress and is subjected to change over time.

Completed Quests

Level 2

Level 1

North America Quests

  • Rock Climb Devil’s Tower
  • 50 points in 50 States(2/50)
  • Snow Board in Jasper, Canada
  • See an Aurora Borealis
  • Hike the Ice Age Trail(More Info.)
  • Strawberry Hill(More Info.)
  • Corn Palace(Morn Info.)
  • Travel to Canada

Central/South America Quests

  • Backflip on top of Macchu Picchu

Europe Quests

  • Paraglide in Chamonix Europe
  • Step foot in Sweden
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride in Sweden
  • Marcle Aches Cave(More Info.)

Africa Quests

  • Surf in Killer Point Mocorro

Far East Quests

  • Go to a Japaense Hot Spring
  • Bunny Island, Japan
  • Fuji Mountain Race(More Info.)

South Pacific Quests

  • A Simple Walk Into Mordor(More Info.)
  • Scuba Dive Australia’s Coral Reef
  • Bungee Jump off Victoria Fall Ridge

Ninja/Strength Quests

  • 10 Years Martial Arts(1/10)
  • 10 Years Weaponry(0/10)
  • Complete All Fitocracy Quests(More Info.)
  • Run Alpha Warrior(Texas & California)(More Info.)
  • 5 No-Kip Muscle Ups
  • 15 Second Human Flag
  • Sign White Block at Fight or Flight Academy
  • Post a 5-Minute Parkour Montage
  • Pick a Master lock

Flips & Twists Quests

  • Front Flip
  • Back Flip
  • Aerial
  • Side Flip
  • Corkscrew
  • 540 Kick

Personal Level-Up Quests

  • Skinny Dipping
  • Cliff Swinging
  • Make Food(Cheese, Wine, Yogurt)
  • Visit A Sunken Ship
  • Take A Sniper’s Course
  • Get a Wax
  • 1,000 Photo Challenge[Progress]
  • 1,000 Geocaches
  • Spontaneous Vacation

Rock Star Quests

  • [PIANO] Piano Man By Billy Joel
  • [PIANO] Roses and Butterflies By Making April
  • [PIANO]  Guitar vs Piano By Goukisan
  • [GUITAR] Guitar vs Piano By Goukisan
  • [HARMONICA] The Times They Are Changing by Bob Dylan
  • [HARMONICA] Piano Man By Billy Joel

Education Quests

  • Get a Helicopter Pilot License
  • Become SCUBA Certified
  • Learn to Sail A Boat
  • Get a Motorcycle  License
  • Publish a Mobile App
  • Write a Novel
  • Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Obtain a Master’s Degree

Les Stroud/Survivalist Quests

  • Score 300 With Recurve Bow[More Info.]
  • Make Deer Jerky
  • Finish a Survival Adventure Race[More Info.]
  • Wilderness First Responder Certification
  • Waterfront Lifeguard Certification
  • Build and Shoot Arrows from Scratch
  • Take a NOLS semester Course[More Info.]
  • 7-Day Survival with BOB
  • 21-Day Survival, only Knife

Running & Races Quests

  • First Marathon
  • Barefoot Marathon
  • Minneapolis Ground Rounds(51 Miles)(More Info.)
  • 50-Ultra Marathon
  • 100-Ultra Marathon
  • Spartan Sprint
  • Spartan Super
  • Spartan Beast
  • Spartan Trifecta(Sprint + Super + Beast In 1 Year)
  • Triathlon Sprint(750m S/20K B/ 5K R)
  • Triathlon Olympic (1500m S/40K B/ 10K R)
  • Triathlon Half-Iron(1.2 mi S/90K B/21K  R)
  • Triathlon Iron(2.4 mi S/180K B/42K R)

Events/Conferences Quests

  • Eeyore’s Birthday
  • Room 13 San Antonia[More Info.]
  • Sundance Film Festival
  • Cirque De Loteil
  • Google Local Guides Summit
  • Red Bull Art of Motion

Financial Quests

  • Have $10,000+ in Saving before 2019
  • Adopt a Minnesota Highway
  • Earn 1,000 Subscribers on Challenge List

Master Quests

  • Get A Career Allowing Me to Live Anywhere
  • Completed a Barkley Marathon[More Info]
  • Obtain a PhD

Challenge List Mini-Quests





Goal 12 Accomplished: 12 Hours Of Parkour

Parkour has always been a big part of my life. Before I got into it I had very little muscle and about 20 lbs of fat on me. When I started out I only dabbled in it a bit just to master some basics. It wasn’t until I met some skilled athletes practicing downtown did I discover this passion in me that wanted to improve.
Since that day, I began to push myself to do things beyond what I’m use to. I restricted myself to a veggie filled diet and exercised nearly 4 hours a day. I felt myself improving both in body and mind. As I grew older, I started to loosen my restrictions and ended up neglecting my Parkour training. I felt like I needed to get that push again, and so I decided to set my goal to train Parkour in a 12 hour period.
The task seemed like it would be simple, I practiced 6 hours in a day before so I thought another 6 would be no big deal. I calculated that this task would require me to consume at least 6,000 calories. To make sure I was in top condition, I prepared tomorrow’s meals before hand, did some carb loading, and went to bed early.
The beginning of it wasn’t bad. I wanted to diversify my training to prevent boredom and settled to jog to a different location each hour. The start of the day was extremely humid so I did light work as a general warm up. I wanted to take things slow first as I planned to do more intensive work in the evening.  The first 3 hours flew on by. I ended up smashing my toe slipping on a precision jump. I felt like that was due to low energy from hunger and decided to take a refuel break. I downed some carbs and proteins, a Gatorade, and an energy bar before quickly going back to training. The rain started to pour in causing me to move my training indoors. The break from the sun was just what I needed to cool down a bit while I gradually built up the intensity my workouts.
After a few hours of some moderately intensive training I took another refuel break and drove to the Fight or Flight Academy for some Parkour classes. I felt energized enough to head to my classes where I’d do the more intensive workouts. I got to the class where I signed up for Flips work. After flips classes we moved on to freerunning where we did some more flip work off of walls. I did another quick refuel break before moving onto Parkour.  The class for Parkour was Kong vaults, but myself and several others were taken to the intermediate class to train double kongs. I was a bit exhausted at this point and being that I haven’t done Kong vaults in a while, it took a while to get a few of them going. After a little guidance from my instructor, however, I not only performed my Kong vaults beautifully, but was also able to nail the double Kong.
After Parkour the gym stayed open for an additional 2 hours for open gym. I spent this time trying to smooth out some of my front flips. After a while I joined a few others and we started messing around with a couple of tricks. The gym was closing so I moved on to practice at a local park. I was working on what little energy I had left so I moved on to really light stuff. I hit the 12 hour mark just as my Parkour rolls started to get sloppy and painful. I rewarded myself by eating an entire frozen pizza and stretching out for a really long while.
In the end I sustained a broken toe nail and an injured leg, but managed to make a heck of a lot of progress in my training. The next day I was exhausted and sore, but was still able to move around to do some more stretching and leisure activities. I feel proud I manged to stick with the entire journey without tapping out and managed to cross one more item off my list.

Challenge List:
12 12 Hours of Parkour ACCOMPLISHED

Buff Buddies Week 2: Cutting The Temptation

Week 2 ends as another success in my 16-week journey. I managed to restrict myself to a healthy diet and did not eat any junk food in the process. I noticed my fridge was lacking some fruits and veggies so I decided to make a little shopping trip. By the end of my spree I bought a total of 30 bananas. They go ripe pretty quick so the next few days I’m going to be loading myself on potassium.

My workouts are starting to show some progress. I remembered from my marathon training program that it was recommended to fit in a light jog as a recovery day in between intense workout days. Doing this helped promote muscle recovery as well as allowed the muscles to remain strong. I decided to do this for week 2 by including a short 3-6 mile run every couple of days. I felt great, and I was able to do a lot more intense workouts without feeling as sore.

I also decided to dedicate my Sundays as off days. I felt like after 6 days of workouts I should take the time to repair by doing lots of stretching. This would also give me time to study up on some diet and exercise articles to better plan out future weeks.


Friday – 4 Mile Run (.5 Hours), Pull Ups(.5 Hours)
Saturday – Wall Flips (1 Hour), Weight Training: Chest and Triceps(1 hour)
Sunday – 2.5 mile run and yoga (1 hour)
Monday – Krav Maga (1 Hour). Tricking: Kip Ups and 540 Kicks ( 1 Hour)
Tuesday – Parkour Conditioning: Handstand Workout(1 Hour)
Wednesday – Yoga(.5 Hours), 3 Mile Run + 1 mile Speed Test (.5 Hour)
Thursday – Pull Ups(.5 Hours), Handstand Workouts(.5 Hours), Tricking: 540 Kicks(1 Hour)

Total: 10 Hours

Result: Met my 10-14 Hour weekly goal this week.Going to keep shooting for this range next week.


Weight: 150 lbs (-2 since last week)
Body Fat %: 8% (-1% since last week)

Body Photo

Result: Pretty amazed I lost a 1% body fat after 2 weeks. I guess my low fat diet is working.

Goal Records
Pull Ups(Goal: 20, Most Last Week: 12, Most This week: 13)
1 Mile Run(Goal: 5:00, Most Last Week: 8:21, Most This week 6:06)

Result: I am a little surprised by the jump in mileage time. There were a couple of things I did different in measuring my time this week than previous times which may have effected the score:

  1. I did a light warm up before the run.
  2. I used a stop watch to track my time instead of my phone’s GPS running app
  3. I actually measured the distance instead of waiting for my GPS running app to say 1 mile
  4. I did it on leveled ground

I will need to do another measure next week to verify if my time jump is consistent or if it was a fluke. If it’s not, I may have a new all-time best for my 1 mile run.

Overall Conclusion

I definitely feel a lot better now then I did two weeks ago. I hope to continue on this workout trend and keeping getting stronger. Thanksgiving is coming up which just means another obstacle to overcome in my 16-week journey.

Keep it up fellow Buff Buddies! Your hard work will definitely pay off!

Monthy Progress Report: Feburary

I know that this it seems rather late to be posting a Monthly Progress Report for last month when this month is nearly over. I actually did have one for February written up weeks ago, but was hesitant to submit it. After much consideration, I settled to publish my progress report for February. I feel that if I want to have a fair reflection of my progress I cannot withhold publishing any reports.

The month of February was a rough one. Frankly, I was a little bit embarrassed by my performance for February. While I was able to keep up with my weekly challenges, such as meditation twice a week and martial arts, there were a number of sacrifices I made over the month.


The first sacrifice I made was my job. I interviewed for a position at a new company, but due to some miscommunication, I thought I was offered the position. I sent my 2-week notice in, went in on the day I thought I would start, and discovered that I was not, in fact, offered a position, but that they were still in the selection process. In short, I am unemployed.

300 Days of Parkour

In my January Progress report I talked about working on a new project called “300 Days of Parkour”. Unfortunately, the month I wanted to start also fell in line with same month of an upcoming security competition. My preparation for the competition absorbed a vast majority of my free time. I ended up have very inconsistent practice days and I was not able to shoot any training footage as a result.

Marathon Training

My marathon training had a few days lost as well. While I was able to keep up with most of the Hanson’s Method, 2-3 days had to be skipped. The weather had no mercy on me this winter, and I still feel guilty I didn’t power through the days I had to call it in.

Overall, February felt more like a month of regression than a month of progression. Despite all this, I am not going to look at it in a negative light. I may have lost my job, but I am not seeing it as a big deal. There’s a chance of getting the position, and if not, I can always focus on school work. Work has been a huge consumption of my time, and I feel this free time allows me to focus more on school work and certifications.

Secondly, the security competition is over. I have been more consistent with my training since then and will be begin recording my progression during the month of March.

Lastly, the weather is clearing up. It is becoming a lot more bearable to jog and I am also tweaking my jogging schedule each day to occur when weather is at it’s peak conditions.

It may have been a rough month, but it was not a bad month. With each moment of failure comes a moment of learning. With every sacrifice comes a gain. I will not stop pushing myself to reach my goals. I am going to take on March, as well as the rest of the year, with optimism. Until then, remember to stay dedicated and train hard.

Monthly Progress Report: January

Well, everyone, a month has come and gone for 2015. This year has already showed signs that big change will be coming. For this reason, I had decided that I’ll be doing a monthly progress report at the end of each month.

January may not have had been a month where I accomplished any of my Challenge List’s items, but I feel like it was a month of progress Since the list is rather long I am only planning on giving a report of the major progressions for my list. To see the entire Challenge list, please click here.

Compliment a different person every day

31 days down 31 different people complimented. The goal of this challenge is to get me out of my comfort zone so I have less issues talking to strangers. Everyone enjoys a good compliment, so I figured this would be a good way for me to get over my anxiety while also making others feel better.

Meditate Twice a week

Another goal I have been able to keep. I try to at least dedicate 10 minutes a day, 2 days a week to meditation. It’s been working, but my schedule has been making it harder.

Run a Marathon

My marathon training begun Sunday, January 25th. I researched extensively on what sort of training program to do and settled on doing the “Hanson’s Method”. I plan on blogging my marathon training and the Hanson’s Method.

Achieve a gold medal in the president’s challenge

I started this list when I had a bronze medal. Less than a week ago I was able to earn as silver medal. I am still actively working my way towards the gold. I have less than 70k points left to go

Practice Martial Arts Twice a week

This was by far the most difficult goal I have had this month. It’s not so much that I don’t have time for it, but I feel that I don’t have enough interest to do it. I use to be a lot more active in martial arts back when I took lessons, but had since lost the discipline. I am trying to make sure I keep a disciplined training so I can still improve at it. I feel like what I really need to boost my interest is going back to my martial arts classes. When I took lessons I felt like I had a direction on how train. I feel by having that direction come up again I can motivate myself to train more.

Which brings me to my next point. A few weeks ago I watched a video on Tony Robbinson’s ideas on how to keep a resolution. He talked a lot about how we can only achieve our resolutions if we have enough reason to do them. This led me to re-examining my list’s items and ask myself “Why do I want to achieve this?”. I was able to find a valid reason for all but 1 of these items, so I unofficially took it off my list.

I still want to do the item on my list, but it’s not something I’ll be heavily focused on. Instead I want to focus on improving myself for a sport I’m passionate about, Parkour. In the Parkour community there is a “Challenge” that some practitioners take on in some point in their training called “365 days of Parkour”. This is where for 10 minutes a day, for 365 days, you have to do Parkour. I had attempted this challenge before, but for various reasons I chose to stop.

Now I feel like I am ready to adopt this challenge, or rather, a “lighter version” of the challenge. My previous challenge had me doing Parkour a minimum of 30 minutes a day, this year I am moving it down 10 minutes. I am also going to try to shoot videos of my progress as much as I can. One of the main issues I had with doing the 365 days was training, than spending the time to document it into plain text. I want to cut the fat by doing visual documentation. Lastly, I want to try to finish this as end of the year challenge. 31 days have already past on the calendar, and there are several days this year I know will prevent me from doing Parkour. Due to this, I am cutting it back to 300 days of Parkour. This way if I do need to focus myself away from Parkour, for whatever reason, I have a limited number of days I can do so.

If the 300 days of Parkour does go well enough I may move up to the actual 365 day challenge another year. Here’s to a new month, another 28 days to improve!

The Floor Is Lava

Training Alone

I have been doing Parkour for a little over 3 years. I had signed up at a local academy that teaches the sport and had practiced intensely. I have meet a lot of friendly faces over the years, but for the most part I have chosen to train alone. I’m what you may consider an introvert. I don’t always try to be but I’m always too focus on improving myself that I become neglectful of those around me.

The academy announced they was going to have an American Ninja Warrior veteran coming to the academy. They planned on doing a “Floor Is Lava/Ninja Warrior” competition in the gym and he was helping to set it up. I’m a huge fan of the series and was pretty excited to actually met such a well-trained athlete. The thing was, I was not excited about competing.

While I do feel confident in my abilities, I don’t feel very comfortable training with others. I feel like I always have to go big to keep up with them. I never feel at their skill level so I just do everything alone until I can be. With all this said, the thought of a competition caused me to hesitate. It wasn’t until finally I had a very memorable discussion with a fellow classmate.

I told him my thoughts on the competition and he just shrugged it off. He told me “Who cares? I’m doing the competition and I don’t care if I don’t do well. I KNOW I’m not going to do well. I’m just doing for fun. This competition is more for myself, not to impress others. You should just come to have fun”.

The words struck me. I never really thought of training with others as doing it for fun. I always felt like because I wasn’t as skilled as them, it would be a waste time to train with them. I decided to register for the competition. Not to try to compete to impress others, but just for fun.

Just For Fun

The day of the competition approached and I was nervous. I had convinced my friend, who’s also into Ninja Warrior, to come with me. I was working the day on little calories and butterflies growing. More than once I felt like I should have backed down. However, I found the courage to go to the academy. I walked around, at first trying to blend into the large crowd there. I saw no sign of my friend so thought I still had a chance to just look like a spectator.

A friend and fellow competitor recognized me when I walked in. He asked if I was planning on doing the competition. I told him I was thinking about it, but was having second thoughts. After he egged me on for a bit I decided to register. No backing down now. My nerves were slowly settling as I spotted a few familiar faces. A lot of these people I have seen train before and was surprised they were at the competition. I felt a little more comfortable knowing that most people here seemed to just be doing it for fun.

I spotted my friend. I stopped to ask him about registration. He told me he too was thinking about it but was now having second thoughts. I also started egging him on to compete, eventually willing him to register. Ninja Warrior veteran, Drew Dreschel, made his announcement that the competition will start and he will demonstrate our course. More or less the obstacles looked easy. I had practiced many of them before so I felt more than confident that I’ll accomplish them. However, the obstacle I felt to be the most disconcerting was told to be one of the first we’ll do.

He began the competition shortly after finishing the demonstration. The contestants were called up and the competition was underway. It was exciting to watch most of these compete. Everyone was extremely supportive for every athlete, even the competitors. Not once did it feel like it was athlete versus athlete, it felt like it was everyone versus the obstacle course.

Slowly each athlete finished their run. Out of 40 athletes, only a small handful finished. It made me question whether I would do well on the course, but I kept trying to remember “It’s not about them, it’s about you”. I heard my name called up to run.

“Read to compete?”

I stepped up to the platform felling a bit heavy. My nerves were starting to get to me. Drew finished resetting the course and walked up to me. “Ready to compete?” he asked.

“Sure, as ready as I’ll ever be…”. I responded. I did not feel very confident and my expression showed it. Drew imitated the sound of a buzzer and my run started. I quickly leaped off the platform to catch onto the wooden trapezoid 6 feet away. I hit it hard and lost my momentum. I pushed myself up on top to reach the next obstacle, the rolling cylinder.

Both my friend and I were very concerned about this obstacle. Nearly everyone there had little experience with it and it showed throughout. While he and I were waiting for our run we decided to go and practice for it in another room. We grabbed some wooden spears and laid them on the ground. We balanced ourselves on them and slowly tried to roll ourselves forward. We struggled immensely until I found a technique that works. The most disconcerting obstacle no longer felt like a challenge.
I balanced myself on the cylinder, an obstacle nearly 5 times larger than what I was training on. It took a while to get my balance. I eased myself forward. The 5 feet roll I had to go through was the most stressful challenge I had to do in my Parkour career. I managed to roll about 2 feet from the angled floor beam. I wanted to get off that cylinder quickly so I went for the reach. Bad move. I immediately slipped and my foot hit the floor. I was out by the second obstacle. I was bummed out and was beating myself up for it.

I knew I could’ve had made it, and made the ones beyond that if I just took a bit more time on the cylinder. I messed up and now missed my chance. As hard as it was, I tried to be optimistic for my friend. His run was soon and I have to hide my disappointment so I can cheer him on

Another Shot

I grabbed a seat with the best view I can find. He was stepping up to his platform and I heard Drew ask, “Ready to compete?”. Drew gave the signal to go and my friend immediately went off. I was impressed. He was a guy who hardly did Parkour but he was knocking each obstacle out. He eventually found himself on the last obstacle, which involved him hanging on a swinging bar and to leap onto another bar. He had told me before that he was worried his small height will affect him in his run. It didn’t become  factor until this obstacle. He was not able to gain enough distance to grab the bar and dropped. Still, he showed an impressive run.

After he finished the judges announced the next run. Following by “If you would like to re-do the course, you can for a fee”. I decided to try it again. I felt like I could get farther along in this obstacle course if I didn’t focus on speed, but focused on completing.

I paid the fee for retrial and waited to be called up. Drew finished resetting the course and asked me once again, “Ready to compete?”. I smiled at him and said “Yes”. I made my jump from the starting platform onto the trapezoid. I whizzed by it much faster than my first run. I approached the rolling cylinder with confidence. I rolled myself patiently. I was in total control as I inched myself to the angled beam. I got off and quickly walked up the beam. I approached the next course. I had to climb through a small, 4 foot, tunnel while hanging from a wooden beam. I traversed my way across with ease.

I now had to pull myself up from a hanging position to the top of the tunnel. I placed my foot on the supporting pipe and my foot immediately slipped. “Damn, the metal is too moist to get a good grip”. I struggled to get myself on the top with the slippery beam. I eventually got on top and made it to the fourth obstacle. I now had to go through a series of vertical bars to get to my fifth obstacle. I grabbed hold of the first bar, and noticed the same moistness was present on these bars as well. It was quite the struggle to carry myself across.

I knew the pathway to get across this obstacle; I learned it after watching the competitors before me. At the time, however, my mind was focused on keeping myself hanging on the bars. I tried to reach for the bar in front of me, but it was a struggle. I ended up grabbing a bar closer to me on my left. Bad move. I was now further away from the bars I needed to use to finish the obstacle. I tried to reach for it but was unable to make the distance. I tried finding an alternative route but it proved to be difficult. My arms were giving way and I eventually dropped.

This time, I was not bummed. Despite my failure, I had fun doing it. I shook Drew’s hand and thanked him for the competition. I was greeted with several others telling me “Good job”, and met up with my friend. We discussed some strategies I could have done to prevent slipping as well as future training exercises we can do. I couldn’t appreciate him enough for competing with me.

I also appreciate both Fight or Flight Academy and Drew Dreschel for hosting such a fun competition. I may not have been training intensely as I normally would these past few months, but today has been a reminder on why I fell in love with Parkour in the first place. This competition helped me get over my uncomfortableness with my abilities. I no longer am going to take my training with people with the mindset to “Impress” but rather to just do it for me. I can not wait to run next competition.

The Start of The List

I never liked using the words “Resolutions” or “Goals” when describing things I want to get done for the year. Using these words makes me feel that there is no obligation to actually do them rather they’re just things that I’ll like to get done. Unsurprisingly, by the end of the year I don’t accomplish all of the things on my list.

So this year, I’m going to start calling the things on my 2015 To-Do list “Challenges”. I always love a good challenge. When there’s a difficult obstacle in my way I get a joy from training hard and pushing beyond my limits to accomplish them. I have compiled a list of stuff of 25 things I absolutely must complete by the end of this year.

2015 Challenges

  1. Compliment a different person every day ACCOMPLISHED(12/31/2015)
  2. Get my driver’s license ACCOMPLISHED(5/29/2015)
  3. Complete all 2015 moves for Parkour/Freerunning [Different list]
  4. Be lifeguard certified ACCOMPLISHED (8/7/2015)
  5. Run the Minneapolis Marathon ACCOMPLISHED(5/31/2015)
  6. Finish the A+ certification book
  7. Actively participate in a medallion hunt ACCOMPLISHED(6/25/2015)
  8. Hike Eagle Mountain ACCOMPLISHED(8/15/2015)
  9. Attend first Parkour jam
  10. Craft and shoot stone head arrows
  11. Release a Parkour video
  12. 12 Hours of Parkour in a day ACCOMPLISHED (9/4/2015)
  13. Win a TShirt at the US Marines pull up bar Challenge FAILED
  14. Start a fire with a firebow
  15. Star Wars all nighter ACCOMPLISHED(7/11/2015)
  16. Go to a shooting range
  17. Finish a Rugged Maniac  ACCOMPLISHED(9/12/2015)
  18. Make special gift for someone
  19. Meditate twice a week  ACCOMPLISHED( 12/31/2015)
  20. Earn Gold Medal in Presidents Challenge
  21. Pass all Parkour levels test
  22. Get a new job ACCOMPLISHED! (3/19/2015)
  23. Make a portfolio webpage (9/14/2015)
  24. Practice Martial Arts twice a week ACCOMPLISHED(12/30/2015)
  25. Do something Halloween related every day of ACCOMPLISHED(10/31/2015)

With an addition to my challenge list, I have created another list of stuff I would like to complete, but are not a priority.

I’m looking forward to crossing these things off my list.

If you are reading this, comment something that you feel you must absolutely accomplish by the end of this year. I would love to know what your challenges for this year are and what you’re planning on doing to complete them.