31 Days of Halloween: Day 1, Let the Horror Begin

It is now the month of October and I get to finally kick off what I hope to be my favorite item on my challenge list:

25.  Do something Halloween related every day of October
I absolutely love Halloween and I feel like just one day of the year is not enough to celebrate such an awesome holiday. So I thought, “Why not expand that to the entire month of October?”. For 31 days I’ll be doing, at minimum, one Halloween related activity every day. I will be documenting each day of October with it’s own blog entry.
This entry kicks off the first day of my challenge. I felt there is no better way to kick off Halloween than going to my favorite Halloween store in Minnesota, Spirit Halloween.
Last year was my first time visiting Spirit and it became the store I frequented the most throughout October. There were a lot of awesome stuff featured there such as Teddy Bears eating their own intensities, animatronic lawn gnomes that crawl towards you, and creepy Halloween masks.
I spent my first visit there searching for  costume ideas. I am still in the brainstorming stages of what I want to dress up as this year so I was hoping Spirit will provide me some ideas. I got a swam of different things to work with and now just have to settle on what I want to go as. For now I bought a couple of items there for Halloween gifts, one of which included a plush spider. This will not be my first stop at Spirit. There was at least one item I saw there that caught my eye. Until then, I look forward to keep this month as much into the Halloween spirit as possible.